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The 10 Largest Islands in Fiji

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What are the Largest Islands in Fiji?

333 islands are scattered across the nation of Fiji. With such a huge number, it’s difficult to get your bearings and start getting to know the islands of Fiji. A good place to start is by looking at Fiji’s largest islands!

The geography of Fiji is split into nine separate island groups. The smallest island groups are the Conway Reef Islands and the Skerries, while the largest island group is the Vanua Levu Group. Out of Fiji’s 333 islands, only the islands (and small island groups) listed below are more than 100km² (39mi²) – the next largest is only 67km² (26mi²). The vast majority of Fiji’s islands are well under 5km² (2mi²)!

 1. Viti Levu (10,388km² / 4,011mi²)

Often referred to as “the mainland”, Viti Levu is not only Fiji’s largest island but the hub of Fiji’s population and industry. It’s home to Fiji’s largest cities, including Lautoka, Nadi, Ba and the capital city Suva. The oval-shaped island is 146km (91 miles) from east to west and 106km (66 miles) from north to south with a mountainous interior scattered with villages. The island has four large rivers, two main roads mostly running along the coast, while the interior is mostly made up of gravel roads suitable for 4WD vehicles. Find out more about Fiji’s largest island in our Guide to Viti Levu.


2. Vanua Levu (5,587km² / 2,157mi²)

Vanua Levu means “Big Island” which is apt for Fiji’s second-largest island. Sitting north of Viti Levu, Vanua Levu is known for being a much quieter island than Viti Levu, ideal for tourists looking to get off the beaten track. The island has a mix of colonial towns, Fijian villages and a handful of resorts. The landscape consists of rainforests, coconut plantations and the view of the ocean is never too hard to find. Find out what you could be getting up to in Vanua Levu with our 12 Amazing Things to Do on Vanua Levu.

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3. Taveuni (434km² / 166mi²)

Known as the “Garden Island”, Taveuni Island is packed with rainforest, tropical flower gardens and underwater coral gardens. The volcanic island has black sand beaches mixed with a few white ones to add to its stunning landscape. While there are no “large” towns on Taveuni, mostly villages, the largest centre is Waiyevo, the next being Matei near the airport. Check out the activities on this island in 20 Wonderful Things to Do in Taveuni.

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4. Kadavu Island (411km² / 159mi²)

The centre of the Kadavu Islands group, Kadavu Island is Fiji’s fourth-largest island. Kadavu Island sits around 100km (60 miles) south of Viti Levu and is known for its unspoilt prehistoric landscape and rugged coastline. Out of the Kadavu Groups 72 villages, Vunisea on Kadavu is the hub of the area. The small town has a police station, post office, hospital and a small airstrip. Find out more about Kadavu in our 10 Sensational Things to Do in Kadavu.

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5. Northern Lau Islands (198km² / 76mi²)

The Northern Lau Islands collectively make Fiji’s fifth-largest islands, the largest island of the group being Vanua Balavu. Vanua Bavu is about 2km wide and is grouped with eight other surrounding islands inside a barrier reef. While not many tourists venture to the Northern Lau Group, there are still a few accommodations to make use of and discover a remote and “real” side of Fiji. There are no major towns but the largest village is Lomaloma. Check out 10 Wonderful Things to Do in the Lau Islands for more information.

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6. Southern Lau Islands (177km² / 68mi²)

Some of Fiji’s remotest islands make up the Southern Lau Group. There are around 17 islands that make up this group, the largest being Lakeba. Lakeba is a volcanic island roughly about 9km (5.6 miles) in diameter. The island is home to some 2,000 people with a handful of roads to get around. Tubou is the main hub of the Southern Lau Islands with accommodation, police station, hospital and post office.

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7. Gau Island (142km² / 88mi²)

Gau Island, in the Lomaiviti Islands group, is actually Fiji’s fifth-largest island. The island doesn’t have much of a tourist scene but is more known for its natural and cultural conservation. 50% of the island is forest with the highlands of the island being an important bird habitat for the Fiji petrel. Out of the limited villages on the island, Sawaieke is the largest. Find out more about the Lomaiviti Group in our 10 Amazing Things to Do in the Lomaiviti Islands.

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8. Moala Islands (125km² / 48mi²)

Another group of islands on the western side of the Lau Group, Moala Islands together make one of Fiji’s “large” island groups. The main activity on the islands is coconut and root crop farming. The largest island in the group of islands, Moala Island, is 62.5km² (24mi²) and is actually Fiji’s ninth-largest island with a population of around 3,000 living across eight villages, the largest of which is Naroi.

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9. Ovalau (106km² / 41mi²)

The main centre of the Lomaiviti Group, just west of Viti Levu, is Ovalau. The island is made up of sharp peaks and rugged volcanic beauty, as well as historic European settlements and Fijian villages. Levuka is the largest town on the island, while Lovoni village’s drawcard is its location inside a deep volcanic crater. Ovalau is also the closest island to the mainland.

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10. Koro Island (105km² / 40.5mi²)

Koro Island is the actual seventh largest island in Fiji. The island is in the north of the Lomaiviti Islands and sits in the Koro Sea which is named after the island. The island has a chain of volcanic cones extending from north to south. The island has an airport and a couple of resorts and is one of the travel hubs of Fiji, with regular ferries to and from Suva on Viti Levu and Vanua Levu. The largest town on the island is Nakodu.

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