What are the Fiji Driving Times?

A self-drive holiday is an amazing way to experience all that Fiji has to offer: sandy beaches, picture-perfect coastlines, lush green islands, quaint villages, friendly locals and more! When planning your Fiji road trip, you’re going to want to know how long you will be driving. This article of the driving times in Fiji will give you an idea of the driving times on the most popular road trip routes, from the Queens Road and the Kings Road on Viti Levu to the Hibiscus Highway on Vanua Levu.

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3 Things You Need to Know About the Fiji Driving Times

It’s always a good idea to plan yourself some extra time on top of your estimated driving times… Here’s why…

  • The maximum driving speed in Fiji is 80km/h (50m/h) so the same distance cannot be achieved as quickly as other countries where the top speed is higher.
  • In addition to the above point, locals drive pretty slowly which might slow you down.
  • If you ask a local how long it takes to drive somewhere, take it with a pinch of salt. Everyone is on “Fiji time“.

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Fiji Driving Times on the Queens Road

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Following the south coast of Viti Levu, the Queens Road has to be the most popular road trip route in Fiji! While the Queens Road spans from Lautoka to Suva, most travellers prefer to start their journey in Nadi, making their way along the stunning Coral Coast, through the adventure capital of the Pacific Harbour and onto Fiji’s capital city Suva. For those of you giving in to the lure of the spectacular Queens Road, here are some typical driving times.

Note that some of these destinations are a short detour off the Queens Road.

Nadi Town to:

Lautoka – 33km / 20.5m / 35min
Denarau – 7km / 4.4m / 15min
Sanasana – 45km / 28m / 45min
Sigatoka – 55km / 34.2m / 55min
Korotoga – 47km / 29.2m / 1h5min
Pacific Harbour – 140km / 87m / 2h20min
Suva – 186km / 115.5m / 3h10min.

Sigatoka to:

Lautoka – 70km / 43.5m / 1h40min
Nadi – 33km / 20.5m / 35min
Denarau – 67km / 41.6m / 1h15min
Sanasana – 33km / 20.5m / 30min
Korotoga – 7km / 4.3m / 10min
Pacific Harbour – 80km / 50m / 1h20min
Suva – 126km / 78.3m / 2h15min

Pacific Harbour to:

Lautoka – 170km / 105.6m / 2h55min
Nadi – 140km / 87m / 2h20min
Denarau – 146km / 90.7m / 2h30min
Sanasana – 112km / 69.6m / 1h55min
Sigatoka – 80km / 50m / 1h20min
Korotoga – 73km / 45.3m / 1h15min
Suva – 50km / 31m / 55min

Suva to:

Lautoka – 216km / 134.2m / 3h40min
Nadi – 186km / 115.5m / 3h10min
Denarau – 193km / 120m / 3h20min
Sanasana – 159km / 98.8m / 2h45min
Sigatoka – 126km / 78.3m / 2h15min
Korotoga – 119lm / 13.9m / 2h10
Pacific Harbour – 50km / 31m / 55min

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Fiji Driving Times on the Kings Road

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For those wanting to discover the hidden gems of Fiji, don’t miss the Kings Road! This road follows the north coast of Viti Levu between Lautoka and Suva. It’s often described as the “scenic route” in Fiji, taking you along the Suncoast and through Viti Levu’s scenic interior following meandering rivers. If the Kings Road appeals to your adventurous side then these are the typical Kings Road driving times you need to know.

Lautoka to:

Ba – 37km / 23.6m / 45min
Rakiraki – 93km / 57.8m / 1h40min
Korovou – 202km / 125.5m / 3h20min
Nausori – 240km / 149.1m / 4h5min
Suva – 250km / 155.3m / 4h20min

Ba to:

Lautoka – 37km / 23.6m / 45min
Rakiraki – 57km / 35.4m / 1hour
Korovou – 166km / 103.1m / 2h40min
Nausori – 201km / 125m / 3h20min
Suva – 213km / 132.4m / 3h40min

Rakiraki to:

Lautoka – 93km / 57.8m / 1h40min
Ba – 57km / 35.4m / 1hour
Korovou – 112km / 70m / 1h50min
Nausori – 147km / 91.3m / 2h30min
Suva – 160km / 99.4m / 2h45min

Suva to:

Lautoka – 250km / 155.3m / 4h20min
Ba – 213km / 132.4m / 3h40min
Rakiraki – 160km / 99.4m / 2h45min
Korovou – 47km / 29.2m / 1h15min
Nausori – 21km / 13m / 40min

Driving Times on Vanua Levu

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While most of Fiji’s roads are found on Viti Levu, Fiji’s second largest island, Vanua Levu, does have a few roads and car rental companies so you can start exploring more off-the-beaten-track. With often open roads and less tourists, hitting the Hibiscus Highway on Vanua Levu is a must-do for any travellers looking for an alternative self-drive experience in Fiji. Here are the main destinations you will be driving between on Vanua Levu.

Labasa to:

Savusavu – 85km / 52.8m / 1h25min
Buca Bay – 154km / 95.7m / 2h30min
Nabouwalu – 135km / 84m / 1h55min

Savusavu to:

Labasa – 85km / 52.8m / 1h25min
Buca Bay – 70km / 43.5m / 1h5min
Nabouwalu – 141km / 87.6m / 2 hours

Nabouwalu to:

Labasa – 135km / 84m / 1h55min
Savusavu – 141km / 87.6m / 2 hours
Buca Bay – 211km / 131m / 3h5min

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The Driving Times in Fiji You Need to Know