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The Complete Foodie Guide to Fiji

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Plan a Foodie Getaway to Fiji

If food is the focus of your trip to Fiji then you’re in for a treat. You probably already know that South Pacific Islanders take their food seriously, especially with so many cultural traditions surrounding it. It’s no different in Fiji with lovo feasts, kava ceremonies, fishing, mud-crabbing and cooking lessons which are all part of the foodie experience. On top of that, you have the unique Indo-Fijian culture, where trying local curries and learning to make Indo-Fijian dishes presents another diverse part of a Fiji foodie holiday. But Fiji is a vast archipelago with a dizzying array of destinations to choose from. Luckily, we’re here to help with this complete foodie guide to Fiji so you can start planning your gastronomic getaway.

Before we get started with this foodie guide to Fiji, be sure to bookmark The Complete Guide to Food in Fiji, which details the type of food and dining experiences to expect in Fiji.

Things to Do in Fiji for Foodies

  • Check out a Fijian produce market
  • Do a Fijian or Indo-Fijian cooking class
  • Do a superfood tour on the “Garden Island” of Taveuni
  • Enjoy a cultural dinner show
  • Indulge in a private island or beach picnic
  • See a coconut demonstration
  • Learn about medicinal plants on a guided herbal walk
  • Take part in a kava ceremony
  • Catch dinner on a fishing trip
  • Do a cultural village stay and dine like the locals.

Learn more about these activities in the 10 Best Foodie Experiences in Fiji.

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Foodie Holiday in Viti Levu

Viti Levu is not only the largest island in Fiji, but it is the most populated and the island that you arrive in. Additionally, Viti Levu is a real foodie hub thanks to its array of resorts presenting Fijian foodie experiences and the towns providing a good excuse to immerse in the Indo-Fijian foodie culture.

Nadi, Denarau and the Coral Coast

Close to Fiji’s main international airport, Nadi, Denarau and the Coral Coast provide an easy foodie getaway without having to spend too much time getting to Fiji’s outer islands or elsewhere in Viti Levu. All trips to Fiji start in Nadi, where there’s no other city in the South Pacific where foodies can try many hands-on foodie experiences! Find out just exactly what is on the food-related activity menu in The Foodie Guide to Nadi.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a little luxury, the five-star resort island of Denarau is a foodie’s paradise. The island connected to the mainland is packed with restaurants, as well as hands-on food activities. Check out the eateries, accommodation and activities that every foodie should try The Foodie Guide to Denarau Island.

On the Coral Coast of Fiji, food and culture combine to create a wealth of creative restaurants and food-orientated experiences. For instance, many of the Fijian traditions surround food, as well as their livelihoods, which can be experienced through kava ceremonies, “lovo” and produce markets. Find out more in The Foodie Guide to the Coral Coast.

Pacific Harbour, Suva and the Suncoast

On the eastern side of Viti Levu, you’ll find Fiji’s capital, Suva, as well as the Pacific Harbour to the southeast of the island and the Suncoast running along the north coast. All of which provide a road-less-travelled foodie experience in Viti Levu.

Located just off the Beqa Lagoon, the Pacific Harbour has the freshest food source right off its shores. Needless to say, this region on the south coast of Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu, is one of the best to try fresh seafood Fiji style! Find out more in The Foodie Guide to Pacific Harbour & Beqa.

One of the largest hubs in the South Pacific Islands, Suva is the perfect place for foodies to learn more about the foods and flavours in this isolated part of the world. Find out how in The Foodie Guide to Suva.

And for those who love to experience a culture through its cuisine, then you’re onto a good thing with the Suncoast of Fiji. Fijian cooking lessons, bustling markets, ceremonial experiences involving food and drink, luxurious private dining, catching your own dinner… It’s all possible here, which we explain further in The Foodie Guide to the Suncoast.

The Foodie Guide to Fiji© Tourism Fiji

Foodie Holiday in the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands

Combine a getaway to a stunning coral atoll or volcanic island with some foodie experiences in the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. Located just a couple of hours ferry journey from Port Denarau or a short charter flight from Nadi, these islands are where you can find some of Fiji’s most famous island resorts. However, unlike in Viti Levu, your experiences here are restricted to what your resort, or in the case in some of the Yasawa Islands, your homestay can provide. Luckily, there’s always at least a couple of food-related activities on the menu.

Mamanuca Islands

Try some of the freshest seafood and some of the best of Pacific Rim cuisine at one of the fabulous foodie resorts of the Mamanuca Islands. With many ways to try authentic island cuisine, as well as treat-yourself experiences prepared by the resorts’ top chefs, the Mamanucas will not leave your palette disappointed. Check out The Foodie Guide to the Mamanuca Islands for more advice.

Yasawa Islands

This more remote island group is populated with real island villages, making the Yasawa Islands one of the best places to have an authentic Fijian foodie experience. We guide you through the resorts, village homestays, foodie activities and dining experiences of the Yasawas in The Foodie Guide to the Yasawa Islands.

The Foodie Guide to Fiji© Pixabay

Foodie Holiday in Vanua Levu and Taveuni

In terms of the activities for foodies, there’s nothing too different in the islands of Vanua Levu and Taveuni compared with Viti Levu and the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. However, if you want to get more off the beaten track in Fiji, see some of Fiji’s more rugged volcanic islands and lush tropical jungles, as well as top dive sites, then there is certainly reason to consider Vanua Levu and Taveuni.

Vanua Levu

Make your way to the less-visited of Fiji’s two largest islands, Vanua Levu, where the culture here has mainly gone unchanged for the local Fijians for hundreds of years. There’s also diversity with a strong Indo-Fijian presence, particularly in the town of Labasa, where trying the flavoursome curries and even learning how to make their dishes yourself is a must. Learn more about visiting the island in The Foodie Guide to Vanua Levu.


The fertile lands of Taveuni are so abundant with tropical fruit, medicinal plants and vegetables that it’s dubbed the “Garden Island” making Taveuni the perfect place to discover the organic produce of Fiji. What’s more, the island is rich in culture with the local Fijians eager to share their passion for food, whether it’s through a traditional “Lovo” feast or with a personal cooking class. Find out more in The Foodie Guide to Taveuni.

The Foodie Guide to Fiji© Pexels

Foodie Holiday in Kadavu, the Lomaiviti and Lau Islands

Finally, if a foodie getaway to you means trying the most authentic of cuisine, sharing meals with the locals, and learning how the local people produce food sustainably, then check out Fiji’s hidden gems of Kadavu, the Lomaiviti Islands and the Lau Islands.


It’s all about seasonal and flavoursome produce on the Fiji island of Kadavu, where essentially all resorts and villages on the island sustain themselves. Match that with the traditional Fijian cooking methods or the expertise of internationally renowned chefs and you’re in for a South Pacific gastronomical experience like no other. Find out more in The Foodie Guide to Kadavu.

Lomaiviti Islands

Sitting down to an authentic Fijian meal with fresh fish that you caught in the morning is all part of everyday life in the Lomaiviti Islands. Stay in a resort where the food is an event or save a little by staying in one of the many self-catering accommodations in Fiji and cook with local produce – either way, we’ll guide you with The Foodie Guide to the Lomaiviti Islands.

Lau Islands

Not many would choose to visit the hard-to-reach far-flung islands of the Lau Group just to experience its food. However, those who are seriously intrepid will love the adventure the Lau Islands provide. Find out more in The Complete Guide to the Lau Islands.


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